Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

kerana sayang tangan

hd bn talkin bout tgn je plak. ish3.

i thought when i hv experience the pain, i wudnt possibly can cause same mistake to other. i know it hurts soo much, unbearable, that experiencing the trouble twice is unthinkable. but lesson learnt, i hv not cntrol to the stitch.

i know how it feels. my deep apology

Sunday, February 24, 2013

missing hand

fuhh tiup ckt..
berabuk ni..

nak share pic tangan bear putus sebelah ni
ngeee xda keje..

pic kanan tme awl2 gune, bear yg maseh sihat

pic kiri bear dengan sblh tangan yg dah terkorban gara2 sikap gopoh si pengguna.. sorii bear, but i still love uuu.. sekian.

prolly will cont to post here :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

two oh double strokes recap :-"

heloo all

how are you guys starting up in this 2012 road?

going for something big ah u guys, my frens dis year? resolution? eyeing anythings that you guys wud like to share wif me, J and K? aawww.. let us know also laa.. :)

well, dont noe bout K, but i hvnt got anythin in mind for 2012.. instead, i wanna do 2011 recap..
lets see and scroll, what we hv been doing for the last sem that just ended in time with the year :)..

we went to INKIONE KPOP PARTY oh yeah!
kpop with ruffneckzz

yeah the one sbs organized <3 sbs nomu nomu
and then we went to LIMA ELEVEN for volunteer program

 this was during short sem, we did few travel bck n forth to school coz we r soo gatal to feel the staying off camps feeeling teetttt.. hehe.. and off we went to school from home few mornings, with lrt as our bus (someone up ckit ERL~ "sayy wuuuu :)" hehe) and here we even put our school uniform on>> matching orange kurung *just coincident actly*
 and here haha i dont know what i can say we were up to but we do had fun playing with inai
 again a coordinate outfit on one of our trip back to home~ typical us :)
 a ghostly attempt
and here suddenly K said we look alike..? really ah?

thats all from me, J
with love, hug and kisses for 2012 to you guys

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

caffeine-ated week!

fikirkan ape maksud di sebalik tin-tin nescafe ni ea..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Kalaw LAPAR ===>> MAKAN

Kalaw NGANTOK ===>> TIDO

Kalaw MALAS ===>> ??????
ape agy, PONTENG arr...

brain pudding ; yg last tu don't try at home, kids.

Monday, October 31, 2011

nie cite zaman p ramlee

di sebalik smile and smirk..
kami terpaksa menapak beberapa kali ke cf gara- gara plug bilik tak boleh digunekan. *sigh*
"ini dah termasuk tujuh kali kau tau jebat!" (hiperbola)

"mau ditindih dengan batu bata semalaman baju untuk clas esok" ;)

"minum air sejuk telaga nampaknya arini"

lintas langsung dr cf.. huhu